The Edge of Sanity

I have a bad habit of not keeping up with things. I’m sure you’ve noticed that by now. However, I’ve discovered a wonderful tool that might actually keep me straight now!


I mean yeah, I used it before but I’d never actually set it up to work properly. Because I write under two names it’s sometimes very difficult to switch from personality to personality without feeling like I’m actually going insane. Lucky for me, this lovely little program makes it easy to contain all of my personalities in one convenient place.

This is starting to sound like a paid advertisement, isn’t it?

MY POINT… because rambling is unbecoming… is that I think I might be able to manage this split personality thing.  It’s a good thing too, because the strings were starting to fray a little.

In other news, the Loki’s Game book tour is done. Once I have final links on all of those posts, I’ll be sharing with the peanut gallery.

I’ve also become a monthly blogger on the Mocha Memoirs Press blog! CLICK HERE to see me in action and answer questions about Under the Mistletoe. And check back on the 13th of each month for more!

Other than that I’m still writing about cowboys, still plugging along on other little projects, and still cultivating a monster out of my toddler. She has become addicted to pushing buttons on the keyboard. If I’m lucky, I’ll have another writer in the family.

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