Who Is She?


Siobhan Kinkade originally started out as a Dungeons & Dragons character.

True story.

She was an obnoxious little blonde-haired, violet-eyed half-elf rogue who had a bad habit of screaming at random and stealing things from her fellow travelers. She was chaotic neutral, so it pretty much meant she never had to say she was sorry.

She made the transition from fantasy RPG character to fantasy literary character in 2011. S.H. Roddey wrote a story out of her usual genre, and she decided she needed a pen name rather than confuse her audience. Naturally, Siobhan stepped up and said she’d take the blame. Since then, Siobhan has learned to be a little less of a kamikaze even if she never grew out of being a walking calamity.

The romance is strong with this one. Some is sweet and some is spicy. It’s about half and half on the paranormal/contemporary fields, and all of it is quite good Of course, if you were to ask Siobhan, she’d likely tell you that her creator didn’t have a thing to do with it.

Oh, and for those who aren’t sure, it’s pronounced Shi-von.

Most days, Siobhan can be found lurking in one of these places:

Facebook Author Page | Twitter

She’ll do her best to keep you entertained.  So stop on by and say hi.  She doesn’t bite…

Unless you ask nicely.


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