Guest Post: Sherri Hayes

Good evening, my lovelies! With me tonight is Romance Author Sherri Hayes, talking about the writing process and the English language.

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"Slave" by Sherri HayesI was doing a radio interview about a year ago and the host asked if I’d always wanted to be a writer. The simple answer to that is a resounding no. Becoming a writer was never a consideration for me growing up.

Why? First of all, I suck at English. Some of you are probably laughing right about now, but it’s true. Even today, when my editor tries to explain grammar rules to me, my eyes glaze over. English is not one of my strengths.

As a child, I had stories in my head. I just never wrote any of them downNeed_Hi-Res_Cover_6x9. As an adult, I gravitated toward customer service jobs—ones where good communication was essential. I think these two things, combined with my love of reading romances, have helped to make me a better writer. I understand how to break things down and explain them to someone who may not normally understand the situation. That’s a great skill to have as an author, and one I’m forever grateful to have.

Although I may never understand all the technical aspects of writing, I try to concentrate on my strengths. We all have them. We all have weakness too. It’s part of life and what makes us unique.

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102850e48d225bc566963bcb34cf89b6Biography:  Sherri is the author of four novels: Hidden Threat,Slave (Finding Anna Book 1), Need (Finding Anna Book 2), Behind Closed Doors (A Daniels Brothers’ Novel), and a short story, A Christmas Proposal. She lives in central Ohio with her husband and three cats. Her mother fostered her love for books by reading to Sherri when she was a child. Stories have been floating around in her head for as long as she can remember, but she didn’t start writing them down until five years ago. It has become a creative outlet that allows her to explore a wide range of emotions while having fun taking her characters through all the twists and turns she can create. When she’s not writing, she can usually be found helping her husband in his woodworking shop.

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12 thoughts on “Guest Post: Sherri Hayes

  1. Im so glad to read that. I’ve seen it before that proofreaders / editors give out about authors saying they should at least have good grammar. Pure horse manure. Just cos someone is bad at English doesn’t mean their story should go untold.

  2. No, it doesn’t. I know sentence structure and good flow from lots of reading and basic communication. There are editors out there that will work with you even if your grammar isn’t the best, you just have to find them.

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