Winners… and The Great Self-Pub Debate

First things First:


I know, I know… I’m stupidly late with this.  Sue me…I just had a baby and she doesn’t like me to play with the computer.


So Saturday I found myself involved in a conversation with some of my writer and publisher friends about Self-Publishing.  I’ve seen both sides of this argument, and I’ve even been on both sides.  What amazed me, however, was the fact that for the two of us that have full-time-work-away-from-home jobs, the publisher friend was the one that told us to self-pub.

Her suggestion – and this apparently is a tried and true method by many of us smut-peddlers – was to start a series of short stories that sell for $.99 to $2.99, self publish them at all of the major outlets (ARe, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Smashwords, etc…), and then promote the hell out of them.  The theory behind this is that once people start reading the series they’ll be hooked by story number three.

Plus I’ve heard that a few of my contemporaries have made upwards of $1 million in a year doing this sort of thing.  I’ve also heard that the stories don’t necessarily have to be good…they just have to be cheap and really, really smutty.

I think I can do really smutty.

The editing is something I might be able to have handled by friends – I know a few people that aren’t afraid to pencil-whip my ass.  As for the cover art… I can attempt that myself – more money in my pocket, after all.

As someone who desperately wants to get away from the horrible DAY JOB, this seems like a pretty wonderful option.  The problem now is finding time to write something new and ongoing with a little one in the house.  Miss Alice is quite the time-consuming little munchkin.  I suppose this means at 3AM while she’s eating, I need to hook up the headset and pull out the Dragon software and hope it understands my late-night psychobabble.

Do any of you out there have experience with this?  If so, please share – good or bad.  I’d like to see both sides of the debate yet again before I jump in and do this.  I’m a little scared to branch out on my own, but extremely tempted by the fact that I don’t have to share my royalties.

Also – should I do this, is there a particular idea any of you might like to see written?  If I’m doing a series, I need characters.  I’m willing to take suggestions since I’ll be writing this for the people that read my stuff.

The floor is now yours, peanut gallery.  Let me have it.

One thought on “Winners… and The Great Self-Pub Debate

  1. I’ve known people that have done it. I also read fan fiction and one of my favorite writers started her own ‘publishing group’ with her sister and they’ve been fairly successful and I’ve known a few other who done something similar. It is work and if you can have friends and/or family it helps. A lot of them can/will do it for free and a much smaller fee than hiring someone. 🙂

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