Back to the Grind…again.

Back to work with the minion… it’s nice to have a purpose other than diaper-changes again, but I have to admit that I miss the munchkin terribly.  Of course, coming home to lots of snuggles makes it all worthwhile, but I still don’t want to leave her.  Must work on this making money writing thing a little harder.

Ever have those moments where inspiration strikes and you are in absolutely no situation to capitalize on it?  Yeah, that happened at 5:00 this morning.  I’d just handed the munchkin off to her father for morning feeding and daddy-cuddles and laid back down to get another half hour of sleep when all of a sudden BAM… I have this brilliant idea.  Unfortunately at 5:00 this morning I was too zombified to do a thing about it.  Once I finally got the kidlet squared away and sleeping so I could write…


Not a damn thing.  The idea seemed stupid and I couldn’t remember the plot.  Annoying?  YES.  Really freaking annoying.  But on the bright side, I’ve had other ideas as the day has gone on. I just can’t seem to get back into the writing groove.

But we’re working on it.  Maybe by resuming my daily blog posts, I’ll be able to break the creative juices loose.  Plus being back at the office desk with only half the work (they finally got around to hiring that other assistant – party for me!) might help, too.  I’ll be able to focus on stories and not babies for a bit.  Maybe.

Have I mentioned yet how much I miss her?

Speaking of family…I think mine is getting pizza for dinner tonight.  I really don’t feel like cooking.

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