Blog Hop Dumbassery

I’m an idiot.

See, I had this whole elaborate setup for the With Love Blog Hop that would rotate for three days and show off what I was giving away… and last night I realized that I hadn’t gotten any comments.  AT ALL.  So I looked for the stuff I knew was scheduled…


[insert groans and facepalms here]

So because I signed up I’m going to make good on that giveaway.  This post will stay up until Friday.  At 5:00 pm on Friday I will pick a winner from the comments.


In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, and because my teenager got dumped on Monday by her boyfriend of 2 years and 10 months, I want everyone to leave me comments.  I want to know one of two things:

Your best Valentine’s Day ever.
Why Valentine’s Day truly sucks ass.

Friday evening, she and I will sit down and read the comments.  Then, she is going to pick her favorite.  Whoever gives the right answer in the heartbroken sixteen-year-old’s opinion gets the prize.


One (1) ARC copy (pdf) of my latest release, Something in the Air through Rebel Ink Press.

Because honestly… everyone deserves a Happy-Ever-After.

~+Contemporary Romance+~

Kelly Ray Patrick is a sweet, southern girl who has never been lucky, either in finances or in love.  But as the recent co-recipient of a lottery jackpot, she and her friends have set out on a Valentines-themed singles cruise in the hope of relaxing and meeting Mr. Right.  Only, to Kelly Ray’s surprise, Mr. Right appears to be her best friend, Dominic James.  Nic appears to be feeling the effects of the trip as well, and has discovered his own interest in Kelly Ray.

The only thing stopping them:  their friend, Trevor, who has been carrying a torch for Kelly Ray since they were all kids.  Will respect for that friendship be enough to stem the budding relationship, or will they throw caution to the wind and indulge in their desires?


Click on the image above to check out the event page and see what everyone else did!

3 thoughts on “Blog Hop Dumbassery

  1. I’m kind of both but, I lean towards ‘Why Valentine’s Day truly sucks ass’. I think the holiday has gotten too commercialized and that too many people focus on that one day of the year instead of focusing on doing things throughout the year. There’s also too much focus on the whole ‘perfect gift’ thing which pisses me off because it’s almost like every year has to bigger/better than the year before. I think that’s why I’ve heard of so many breakups right before the holiday. Too many people on both sides of it. I thought it was funny that it’s implied men by most of the gifts when according to some article I was reading recently over eighty percent are women. LOL

    menina.iscrazy @

  2. Im on the side “Why Valentine’s Day truly sucks ass”. I hate it. Its a commercialized holiday that tells us when were supposed to celebrate love and how much we should be spending for it. Its a holiday that really hits home to some how lonely they really are. When did love start equaling out money? The whole holiday to me sucks. Its lonely and to expensive. To me, we have our anniversaries, our special days, why are we celebrating a day that were told to? Its hardly ever appreciated.

  3. Hi Siobhan,
    I have been going to school and working and all…so I have been out of the loop a bit but just wanted to say that I kind of agree with both comments above…but I think though the holiday is man-made and commercialized…I feel it’s like finding the true meaning of Christmas. One needs to look behind the gifts/candy/cards and crap and realize it’s just about love. Not just physical love or romantic love but all kinds of love. The love a child has for it’s mother or the mother for her child…the husband for his wife…lovers for each other. Friends for one another. In grade school, when my kids were little, everyone got valentines or nobody got them…because they wanted everyone to feel special. Your daughter is special…just cause he didn’t see it anymore doesn’t mean she isn’t! Love is always worth looking around the corner for…just to be happy for now. Take care.

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