WDD #4: Under the Mistletoe

We’re back!  This week’s selection comes from a free read up on The Romance Studio’s Party Site.  It’s short, sweet, contemporary, holiday, and military(ish) all in one.  If you like the dozen, feel free to hop over and read the rest.  Oh, and comment over there for a chance to win something!

Eh… why not?  While I’m at it, one lucky commenter this week will win something too.  Leave me a comment with an email address and tell me which one of THESE BOOKS you might want.  On December 26th, we’ll pick a winner, and that person will get whichever book he or she wants.



“Okay, wait here. I have to go get something.”


“it’s worth it,” he said as he brushed past her and took off down the dock. “I promise. Oh! Keep looking at the water!”

Rhea growled, but did as he said while he lumbered away. It really was a beautiful place, even if it carried bittersweet memories. Without Sebastian’s bulk there to block the wind, her skin prickled with cold and she began to regret ever listening to him. This had to be one of the craziest plots she’d ever been privy to, at least without Jimmy there.

“Keep facing the water!” Sebastian called out again as she heard him trot back across the wooden planks of the dock. Rhea rolled her eyes as she crossed her arms over her body. A moment later, he appeared in front of her, nearly overshooting his landing and toppling into the water.


But wait… THERE’S MORE!

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One thought on “WDD #4: Under the Mistletoe

  1. Love it thanks so much!!! Hm.. all the choices sound so good!!! I’d really love to read any of them. But I guess She-Wolf. But all of them are definatly on my wishlist now! Hope you have a great Christmas and Happy new year! Thanks!

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