RESOLVED: Not to Have Resolutions

Well, here we are.  It’s 2012.  The last year of the world, if you listen to some people (or believe that the end of the Mayan Calendar is an omen – cue spooky music here).  I, on the other hand, believe that it’s going to be just another year.  Yeah, I believe in a lot of fantastic things, but this?  Sorry, nope.  When the world does end, I don’t want a prediction.  I want it to just happen, because I want to continue enjoying it up until the very last second.

So the big question is – with a new year looking us in the face, what are our resolutions?

Let me start with last year:

I had two resolutions last year.  One I completed.  The other? Not so much.  First, I told myself that I was going to finish a story and actually publish it.  AND I DID.  I now have three in e-print and three contracts, and I’m still going strong.  And this one, kids, was not just a simple resolution – this was something major.  It was the accomplishment of a lifelong goal, and I can’t describe how good it feels.

The second – well, I resolved to lose weight.  And I was going pretty well until about June, when I found out about the little one that’s now almost here.  The good news is that so far I’ve only gained 10 pounds above where I was, and at least 6 of it is her.

So that’s where I’ve been all year.  As for this year… well, things are going to be a little different.  I’m not making resolutions this year.  I’m not going to make demands of myself and force unfair restrictions.  What I plan to do is keep track of all the things I accomplish.  I plan to keep writing, keep submitting, and keep publishing.  I plan to finish school.  I plan to learn how to be a parent to a child that isn’t already half-grown.  And most of all, I plan to keep my head up and continue being me.

Those aren’t resolutions.  Those are things that I’d like to see happen this year, but I know me, and I know that by telling myself “YOU HAVE TO DO THIS”, I’ll only shy away from the responsibility of completing it.  I tend to get overwhelmed, and right now I’m almost there.

So that’s where I am.  We’re going to make this a good year, one way or another.

2 thoughts on “RESOLVED: Not to Have Resolutions

  1. Congrats on your last year resolutions! And sorry about the weight loss, but just think of the joy when the little says hello to the world for the first time! happy New Year!

  2. I’m the exact same way – the moment I try to enforce a big, bad prophetic YOU MUST DO THIS I either end up ganging up on myself, keeping track of every little shortcoming, or else I go completely apathetic. Last year I think I just wanted to see how far I would get with various things, and I did a pretty damn good job, so I think I’ll probably follow that same line of thought. There’s stuff I’d definitely love to do, but I don’t need the pressure of feeling like I HAVE to. Plus a looser approach gives me wiggle room for all the weird, random occurances that are bound to pop up through the year. The older I get the more I realize that having a positive attitude is key (for me, at least)

    And dude, you have come a hell of a long way. You are teh awesome.

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