WDD #2 – The NaNo Edition

Round Two of the Weekend Dirty Dozen is upon us, and for the next four weekends, I will be posting selected bits and pieces of my NaNoWriMo work in progress.  It still doesn’t have a title (but then again, most of my stuff doesn’t because I suck at titles), but it’s rolling along nicely and will hopefully be finished long before the end of November.

In this scene, Jared and Krista are drunk, they were play-fighting, and he has decided to take advantage of an already unfair situation.


~+Contemporary Romantic Mystery+~

When her grip on his wrists loosened, it was easy for Jared to wrap his arms around her and roll to one side, pulling her under him.  She never once tried to fight him, but rather ceded control and allowed him full access to her mouth.  Her body was warm and soft in his hands, and she tasted like Italian spices and wine.  A low, throaty purr rang in his ears, but he couldn’t be sure whether it had come from him or her.  Her arms went around him, those neatly manicured fingernails scraping lightly along the back of his neck.

Then the sobering reality of his situation washed over him like a bucket of cold water.  He was half-drunk, rolling around on the floor while racing for second base with his best friend.

Jared broke the connection and sat up, pressing his back against the arm of the couch while pushing his thumbs into his eyes.  What an idiot… he couldn’t believe he’d acted on such a stupid impulse.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, still breathless.  Or was he hearing things?  Had he really made her sound like that?


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11 thoughts on “WDD #2 – The NaNo Edition

  1. This is a wonderful dozen, Siobhan!. Evocative and made me want to know more, more about the characters and how they got to this point. Beautifully done.

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