Guest Blog: Jean Joachim

Good morning, NaNo-Land!  Anyone looking for a reason to get that novel finished?  Here’s a very good one – if you write your book and sell it, then you get to be just like my guest today, Jean Joachim!   Jean is here promoting her newest release, Now and Forever 2: The Book of Danny, due to hit the e-shelves tomorrow.

Take it away, Jean!


What so special about The Book of Danny is that the main character is an ex-Army man, raised by his brother, Kyle, who was subsequently killed in Iraq. Kyle’s death filled Danny with rage, so he went there to get revenge but ended up losing some of his humanity.

He came to me and told me his story of love and loss and I was compelled to write it. Danny is an imperfect man, sexy as hell, smart, educated, but stuck with the horrors of war messing up his life. With help from friends, family, a counselor and the people of a small town, he is able to break through and overcome the obstacles keeping happiness out of his reach. His return and search for the right woman, fulfilling work and a place to settle feels very real. I think Danny will grab your heart in a way no other hero will. He did mine.



Eliza wanted to help Danny…besides, the way he smiled at her, touched her hand and occasionally stared at her chest made her heart flutter. His interest was so flattering it kicked her pulse into high gear. Could she have an affair with a man so much younger than her? She had a feeling she would be facing that decision before long. Eliza couldn’t deny her attraction to him…his strong physique, his sensuous lips and the flicker of desire she saw in his eyes lit a fire inside her she thought had been extinguished forever.

He saw through to her loneliness, which made her feel shy but she couldn’t look away. Loneliness and deep pain shone through his eyes, too. She dated Simon because he had become a habit. No real romance lay between them. Now this extraordinary young man looked at her with passion in his heart and it made her giddy. Exciting love, like she shared with her husband, suddenly appeared to be within reach again.

Eliza drove off with Danny, wondering what adventure this fabulously attractive young man would have with her. Whatever happened, she felt alive for the first time since Bill died.


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Come back Thursday and I’ll tell you where to buy Now & Forever 2!

6 thoughts on “Guest Blog: Jean Joachim

  1. Thank you, Siobhan for having me here today. I appreciate your support and the chance to spread the word about a book that is special to me.

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