Guest Blog: RM Kinore

It’s another day in NaNo-Land!  Playing in my corner this afternoon is the fabulous RM Kinore.  Please welcome her in and make her feel at home!


I am glad to be guesting on Siobhan’s blog today.  I had emailed her to see what I could post to her blog. She is gracious and because she knows of my crazy busy schedule with being a nurse, mother, friend, lover and author.

My first story is published with Rebel Ink Press in a book called “Once Upon A   Twisted Tale.” Well it’s important to me that people read the book and finds one of the stories in it that they like it. Whether it’s my story or one of the other talented authors isn’t important as long as they read. I have another story in the Rebel Ink Press Valentine’s Day anthology tentatively titled “Tempting Cupid.” Well I couldn’t just cop out and do a simple sales pitch. Not my style to take the easy way out…ask the people I work with.

I haven’t quite decided on my “genre” yet. I love righting erotic romance. It’s kind of fun and challenging to put a story with erotic elements together. I have grown up reading horror books since I can remember, as well as well as horror movies. I think I would like to at some point try to blend erotic romance/paranormal romance with tradional horror. As Eden says “A happy for now” book. She has a story in the anthologies I have mentioned also. I say you can’t have a happily ever after with horror…so she says but it can be a “happily for now” ending. Who knows…it might be fun to shake people up a bit. I mean we have a video trailer, plus several places to get the book. So as some actors make movies that pay them to eventually make movies they want.


It was lovely to have you today! Please stop by again very soon!

4 thoughts on “Guest Blog: RM Kinore

  1. Hi R.M. Kinore! Great Blog Post! I am honored to have a story in the same anthology with you in “Once Upon A Twisted Tale”. Your “Emperor’s New Clothes: No More Hiding” is wonderful.

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