Book Review: “Like Magic” by Anne Holly

NaNoWriMo Day 2.

Welcome to Procrastination Station, Population: Siobhan.


Quite out of the blue yesterday, I received an email from the lovely and talented Anne Holly.  She explained to me that after drawing her winners for her participation in the Halloween Blog Hop, her three-year-old son pulled my name from her cauldron and insisted that I be a winner, too.  Because he pulled so hard for me to win, she sent me a copy of this story.  Yesterday wasn’t the best of days in my world, and that late-afternoon email completely made up for it.

You see, I never win anything – I only increase everyone else’s chances of winning.

I should send that child bags of chocolate every week for the rest of his life.  He deserves it. (I probably shouldn’t say that too loud…she might take it as a threat!)

Because she was so kind to send me the book, it is absolutely necessary to tell everyone what I thought of it.  It was on my to-buy list anyway (I’m a sucker for magic and happy-ever-afters), and I was so excited that I read it as soon as I got home last night.

It’s awesome.  I absolutely loved it, start to finish.  My only complaint was that it wasn’t longer, because I wasn’t ready to let Raven and Ian go.  They’re such wonderful characters, well-constructed and interesting.  Raven is a quirky girl, full of life and energy.  I swear she could step right off the page and be real person.

The story itself is a sweet one, full of coincidences and what-ifs, sly humor and tender moments.  The chemistry between these two characters is absolutely off-the-charts hot.  This woman really knows how to bring passion to life.

I could go on and on about it, detailing every little twist and turn, but I don’t want to give too much away.  I will say this – it is a quick and easy read, very entertaining, VERY sexy, and definitely worth every penny of the $3.99 price tag.


For more about Anne, check out her blog.

And while you’re at it, GO BUY THIS BOOK!

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