Book Review: Falling into Rhythm

Y’all know me. You know I’m kind of a huge dork about things when I get excited. Just keep that in mind here, because I’m stupid-excited about this book. My darling Lexxx has finally written a book JUST FOR ME. I’ve only been nagging her about finishing it FOREVER and now that it’s almost here, I can’t contain my joy. I’ve gotta talk about it and when the book comes out, you’ve gotta buy it.


Alexandra Christian

The Blurb

Hearts beat together, breath for breath in perfect time.

Jude Renfro came to the small island town of Crawford’s Landing looking to start over. The bright lights of the LA music scene don’t shine as brightly after losing your greatest love. All he wanted was to fix up his rustic old house on the beach and start a quiet, happy life out of the spotlight for his five-year-old son, Kit. A new romance wasn’t in the cards. The last thing he expected was a sassy kindergarten teacher and a fall carnival to change his life forever.

You and I are fallin’ into rhythm. One more kiss and you’ll be mine.

Harper Winslow is not exactly the stereotypical old maid schoolmarm, but she’s never managed to find Mr. Right. Her greatest love has always been the students she teaches at Sojourner Truth Elementary. That is, until her rock star idol, Jude Renfro, and his adorable little boy waltzes into her life. His bad boy swagger and soul of a poet has her mind and body reeling. She doesn’t have time to fall in love, though. The school is on the edge of financial ruin and the whole town is depending on her and the annual Fall Crawl carnival.

Together, Harper and Jude are a perfect duet, but will it be enough for a happily ever after?

Falling Into Rhythm is a small town, second-chance romance for anyone who loves seasonal, Hallmark-style love stories.

The Review

Until the day I die, I will insist that this book was written specifically for me. It might be dedicated to teachers, but it’s mine. [Y’all, I’ve gone full Gollum on this book. I probably need an intervention.] It’s such a fun story; light and fluffy with little to no majorly earth-shattering conflict to tear out my heart. With the world on fire, this book is exactly the type of escapist sweetness I needed in my life. It’s a perfectly executed ball of squishy pastry rolled in high-grade powdered sugar and served up in a spun-sugar bowl.

Yes, it’s that tooth-rotting and I LOVE IT.



It hits on a bunch of great tropes: small town, rock star, single dad, second chance… you’d think it’s too many from the list, but it works really well. The story is so strong that you forget to remember that we’re troping all the way through town.

The characters are awesomely well-rounded and they engage so well with each other. I identify so hard with poor Harper with all her goofiness. She’s so adorable, and she’s the teacher every kid needs in their lives. And Jude? Yes, please. I’ll have one of those, thank you very much. I think the whole dad-aspect makes this rock god even sexier. And the kid…the kid is just adorable.

Most of the time kids tend to be poorly-executed plot devices, but not here. Kit has his own personality and way of doing things. He’s a real kid, and he reminds me an awful lot of one of mine. He has that childlike honesty that you need when you’re dealing with idiots in love. He makes me giggle every time he’s on the page.

There’s lots of chemistry between Jude and Harper. They’re sweet and sexy and such a satisfying pair. The rest of the town amuses me greatly. It’s like stepping off the page and into a real small, southern town. The characters are alive and spunky with fantastic personalities and they create such a great atmosphere. At the end of the day, I want to go live in Crawford’s Landing.

All in all, this is a perfect romance for the fall season. Confession: I’ve already read it three times. I love it that much, and I am so excited that it’s a series.

It’s due out September 15th. You should go pre-order it. If you go hunt Lexxx down on Facebook, she might have review copies available as well. Even if she doesn’t, you should still go be her friend. She’s awesome.

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