Happy Book (re)Birthday to Me!

It’s that time again! After some freshening up, a pretty reformat, and a whole lot of hair-pulling from yours truly, Something in the Air is back in the wild! Take a look and pick up your copy today!

Kelly Ray Patrick is a sweet, southern girl who has never been lucky, either in finances or in love. But as the recent co-recipient of a lottery jackpot, she and her friends have set out on a Valentines-themed singles cruise in the hope of relaxing and meeting Mr. Right. Only, to Kelly Ray’s surprise, Mr. Right appears to be her best friend, Dominic James. Nic appears to be feeling the effects of the trip as well, and has discovered his own interest in Kelly Ray.

The only thing stopping them: their friend, Trevor, who has been carrying a torch for Kelly Ray since they were all kids. Will respect for that friendship be enough to stem the budding relationship, or will they throw caution to the wind and indulge in their desires?

Buy it now: Kindle/KU/Print

(Today’s note: I’m still giving away review copies through my Newsletter and through BookSprout. Feel free to grab one and leave me a review! My ranking and I both thank you!)

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