Buy It… Buy It Now!

So I got a new phone Monday. I kinda killed the one I had which, in the grand scheme of things, isn’t really all that bad because it was almost two and a half years old. My sad little HTC Desire served my well. Too bad I’m a clumsy oaf who can’t seem to hold onto things.

Now I have a shiny, new Samsung Galaxy S2 and I’m in love. It also means I can realistically acquire a Paypal credit card reader. Perfect timing, too, because I’ll be getting my paper copies of Loki’s Game shortly, and I need to remove any possible excuse as to why someone realistically can’t buy a copy.

“Oh, no cash? Well let me jLoki's Game Coverust swipe your card…” Shameless, isn’t it? I’m really loving it.

So yeah, I’m taking orders for paperback copies of the book. If anyone’s interested, hit me up and I can (a) order a copy for you to buy from me or (b) point you in the right direction to order a copy for yourself when they’re available.

Beyond that I swear I’m still trying to write. The cowboys keep talking and I keep trying to listen.

March and April are particularly bad months now. Yesterday this time last year was the start of the month-long trek through hell that ultimately ended with my father’s passing. I’m still having a hard time with it, and the ups and downs are getting more and more drastic with each passing day. If I can just make it through the next month, I should be okay. It’ll be hard, but I’ll get there. Just have patience with me.

And buy my book. It’ll help make me happy.

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