Look, Ma… I’m Not Slack Anymore!

So I FINALLY got around to updating all the pages on my blog. All of my pretty new shinies are up for everyone to ooh and aah over. My buy links are all in place. I’m sort of starting to look like a professional again!

You guys all know I’ve had a lot on my plate this past year. Well, some of that is finally starting to melt away – the grief is receding, the infant is now a toddler and becoming more self-sufficient by the day, and the stress of losing two contracts is gone thanks to the beautifully divine Purple Sword Publications. Yes, the pieces are falling into place.

What’s more, I’m finishing up another novel, and starting the outlining phase of Books 3 and 4 for the Something in the Air series. While I greatly wish I was able to kick out fiction left and write right like some of my peers, I can simply say that I’ll be more than happy if I finish the two in-progress novels and the two upcoming novellas in 2013.  The concept of writing four books this year is a bit daunting considering all of my other engagements, both real-life and literary.

Just remember, kids… I write other stuff under another name, too. I’ve submitted a proposal for a five-book urban fantasy series under that name and I still have a few shorts to kick out.

Needless to say, I’m looking at a minimum of four novels, two novellas and a dozen short stories between now and the next New Year’s Day.

Next on my plate is finishing up Wes and Anna’s story. Wes’ baby brother, Cam is growing restless, too. I just have to keep him locked up tight enough that he can’t get out until some of these obligations are met. We’ll deal with him later.

When I left our sexy little cowboy, he was trying to figure out just what went wrong. Anna has gone back to Raleigh in a hurry. Things are still missing around the ranch. And the worst part? Wes is hopelessly in love with the girl that walked away.

Let’s see if we can’t give him a happy ending, okay?

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