Sunday Snippets #1

Joining in on a new game this morning, courtesy of the Red Lipstick Diaries.

This is from my latest release, Letting Go, from Rebel Ink Press.

“Where are we going?” she asked breathlessly, struggling to keep up with his long strides.  She was almost as tall as him, but his legs were longer and he seemed much more determined.  On the landing, he turned on her.

“Here is good enough,” he said, his voice little more than a growl, bringing one hand up to cradle her cheek.  “I need some place where I can kiss you properly without the world’s great interest in my technique.”  He backed her against the wall, pressing a knee between her thighs as the full length of his body rested against hers.  His mouth came down on hers hard and hungry.

Check out the rest here!


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