Today was going to see Zillah Anderson as my guest, but it appears that she is indisposed and in her place is someone…or something… new.  I’m not sure how this will go over, but please help me welcome THE OVERLADY.


Greetings, people of the mundane world. Listen to what I say and heed its importance.

Have you ever had one of those days where the daily grind just grinds all over you and not in a good way? I’m talking about one of those days where everything is tedious and the whole world seems to be gearing up to run right over you and laugh in your face. Those are the days where every little thing is just one more thing that’s making life miserable and you wonder what the point of mundane life is. So what do you do on days like that?

Do what I did. I seceded from Reality. Yep. I just decided that I’d had enough and moved into my own little world, sublet from the glory that is the Internet. Granted at the moment I’m hanging out at Zillah Anderson’s blog, but it’s only a matter of time before The Overdom takes over. What is The Overdom you ask? Well, since I am The Overlady I figured I’d have a world title to match – I mean who needs a kingdom when you’re a lady? Plus Overdom has such a ring to it…I figure I can always trademark it and force the Mad Max people to use it whenever they get to their next film.

So what is the Overdom you ask? Think of it as a giant expanse of every past cartoon forest/clearing/magical sparkly world with a big-ass pink and ,black castle right in the middle (That’s where I live in case you can’t tell). And eventually I shall own the entire universe when the time is right and I conquer all, because let’s face it: the world is boring and needs some spiffin’ up. To this end I’ve got zombie armies and velociraptors who will do my bidding (think of them like really toothy My Little Ponies but not). I’m on the fence about vampire henchmen, but I’m more than willing to have a mini-army of knitters since they get really freakin’ mean when you take their yarn away.

What I don’t have at the moment is an infrastructure and minions. Which is exactly why I’m taking over Siobhan Kinkade’s blog (she just doesn’t know it yet). By accepting her offer to guest post I’m just going to worm my way across the Internet to get as many minions/admirers/possible inner-circle type people as possible. So what do you have to do to get a timeshare in the Overdom and be part of the eventual Universal Takeover?

First, you can check Zillah out at her contact links listed. Then, you can check out all her nifty releases (I know but I have to promote her. She’s The Overdom’s Official Bard and she lets me sublet space in her blog at the moment.) After all of that if you feel the need to promote Surreality over Reality – invite me to your blog. I don’t bite – I have raptors for that. You’ll find I have lots of nifty opinions on things as I set up my Overdom: why or why not to have vampire henchmen, the downside of zombies being that they all feel I should have a consort if I am to properly rule, what it means to deal with herds of Technicolor velociraptors, who should be my prime minister-type person…there’s a lot to consider and you don’t want to miss that, right? That’s a rhetorical question because OF COURSE YOU DON’T. So be sure to keep your eyes open because it’s only by banding together that we can subvert the Mundane World so that I can rule over known time and the universe – because what benefits The Overlady benefits her minions.


Zillah’s BlogFacebook Author Page ♦  Twitter


Thanks for…er…stopping by?  Good luck with the World Domination thing.


See you next time, Zillah!  Here’s to hoping for your valiant return.

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