SSS – The Return

I told y’all I’m on a roll… Tuesday Tales two weeks in a row, WDD, and now SSS!  *throws confetti* Now, let me introduce you to Anna and her cowboy, Wes, and their one-night-stand in progress (from a WIP with the working title Picture Perfect):


This one is getting naughty.  Be warned.


In answer to her silent plea, Wes slid off the edge of the bed to kneel at her knees.  His fingers – clumsy now – found the zipper on her skirt and yanked it down, then ripped away her skirt and underwear in one sweep.  A small rush of self-consciousness flooded Anna’s senses as she lay in front of him, naked save the high-heeled sandals still strapped to her feet.  What stopped her from curling in on herself and hiding was the look of wild hunger on his face.  His eyes traveled the length of her body several times before settling between her legs and the neatly-trimmed patch of hair hovering just above her sex.

Yeah…this was definitely going to happen.


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