WDD – Siobhan’s Return!

After a few months’ hiatus and foray into mommyhood, I’m finally getting back into the swing of things.  For you this week is something I’ve been fiddling with for quite some time, and I think I’m starting to like it.

Everybody says cowboys are the way to go, so I’m going that way.  Here you meet Anna Scott, photographer and all-around city girl.  She has just stumbled upon an argument that isn’t going well for either party and is trying really hard not to listen.  Don’t worry, ladies… our boy here won’t be upset for long.

Working Title: Picture Perfect
Genre: Contemporary Cowboy Romance


Anna’s room was just beyond that one, so there was no way she could go by unnoticed.   And she hated to interrupt and risk embarrassing one or both of them, so she closed her eyes and waited, hoping she would be able to forget the sounds.

“I can’t do this anymore,” the woman snapped.  No, Anna wasn’t listening… the chick was just loud.

“Well don’t,” he replied, his heavily-accented voice fiery and hurt.  “If you can’t do it anymore, then leave.”

“I paid for the room.”

“No, you signed for the room that my father paid for, and I don’t think he would appreciate finding out what you’ve done.”

“What I’ve done?” the woman snarled, and Anna heard the stomp of her booted foot even on the industrial carpet.  “I haven’t done a thing.”

“You slept with another man – or you would have had I not come back when I did.”

“I wasn’t going to sleep with him.”

“So you sitting in his lap in nothing but a pair of heels with his hands on your ass and his tongue in your mouth doesn’t constitute cheating to you?”


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One thought on “WDD – Siobhan’s Return!

  1. ohh….rather awkward conversation to be overhearing. And this chick really sounds like a piece of work. LOL totally made me giggle with his comment about sitting in a man’s lap, naked, giving tongue as not constituting as cheating hehe Nice one xx

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