And The Hopping Winner Is…….

…or rather, WINNERS.  There are three.

After some pretty stupid technical difficulties this weekend (no internet from early Friday morning until about 20 minutes ago with it being sketchy at best the three days before that), we’re finally here to announce winners and add in a few reminders.

First – I’m terribly sorry that I promised everyone a second part of Bloody Good and failed to deliver. The no internet thing has kind of messed me up on that.  But never fear, it will be up soon.  Check back for more info.

But anyway, on to the important stuff. The winners.



Marked :  BakinStuff

She-Wolf : Wanda Flanagan

Blood Doll: Angel Graham

I will be contacting each of you via email shortly to confirm the selections and deliver your ebooks.  Please sit tight and bear with me in case I lose my technical capabilities again.


For those of you that didn’t win, you still have other chances to get hold of my stuff.  First – once I finish up here I’ll be heading over to The Romance Studio for their Christmas Party.  Up for grabs over there is a copy of Blood Doll.

And don’t forget my Guess The Date Contest!  If you can correctly tell me when my daughter will be born, you get free stuff!

2 thoughts on “And The Hopping Winner Is…….

  1. Thank you so very, very much :0)
    I am so excited!!!
    Merry Christmas and Congrats to everyone ❤

    stacey jo

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