The Ooglie-Booglies: Music

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Yeah, I’m also a huge music fan.  Creepy, freaky music is big fun for me.  This post will be a bit shorter because there’s less to say.  So without further ado, on with the show!

1. House of 1,000 Corpses – Rob Zombie – creepy AND an interesting movie theme song.

2. Sweet Dreams – Marilyn Manson – by far my favorite cover, and the video will give you nightmares.

3. Iowa – Slipknot – slow and melodic, this one follows the path of a psycho killer. Dedicated with love to Kharisma Rhayne.

4.  1.Outside – David Bowie – Okay, so this is an entire album, but it’s a concept album.  It – again – chronicles the following of a psycho killer and his victim.  The spoken-word bits are the best.  Probably my favorite Bowie album.

5. Brain Damage – Pink Floyd – Uh, anyone ever watch The Wizard of Oz while synced up to the Dark Side of the Moon album?  Once you have, you’ll understand why this song is on the list.

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