Monday Writing Frenzy

Hey, y’all.

So I just looked at the site and realized that I hadn’t put the cover up for She-Wolf.  Oops.  No biggie…problem solved.

The reason I’ve been so slack on the site and with all of my social networking obligations is because of that dreaded word every writer hates…


I have one.  Wednesday is the drop-dead date for the story I’m writing now.  It’s called “Blood Doll” right this moment – but that may be subject to change depending on how gruesome it gets.  It’s supposed to be erotica, but I’m afraid it may tip more into the splatterpunk realm.  I don’t really want that, because the publisher I’m writing it for likely won’t accept it.

It involves vampires, bloodletting, an underground society, and addiction.  It isn’t pretty.  But I’m sticking with it, and I’m going to have it submitted by the end of the week.

My biggest problem?  I started writing it Thursday night.  The good news is that I’m sitting on right at 10,000 words, and I still have two days.  I can do this.  I hope.

So yeah, let me just talk about deadlines for a minute –

They suck.  Boy, do they ever suck ass.  They aren’t really good for much except stifling creativity and creating panic in pregnant women.  (I happen to be one of those at the moment, so I’m qualified to make that statement…thank you very much.) I tend to panic and get all wishy-washy when it comes to deadlines.  I freak the hell out.

Most of the time.

This time, it seems as if the fates are smiling on me and have decided to let the muses have control of my brain.  Let’s hope it keeps up.  And yeah, I was told that if I wanted it in by Halloween I could have an extra day or two since I came into it so late, but I hate taking advantage of that.  My publisher has to love me, otherwise she’d have brained me with something by now.

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