SSS #3: Bewitched

This week’s selection comes from a new WIP with the working title of “Bewitched”, in which we play with the life of an unfortunate witch, a changeling, and some other fun critters.

The Six:

The first morning Seraphine woke with the power to alter others’ lives was the first morning she wished to be back in her father’s manor, tucked safely in her bed.  Instead, she woke with a deep ache in the lower part of her spine and a rattle in her lungs.  the face in the mirror was hers, yet so drastically altered that she scarcely recognized herself.  At seventeen years old, she had become an old woman.  The promise of immortality and great power had been so tempting;  tempting enough that she chose not to think of the consequences before she pricked her finger and signed that proverbial contract in blood.

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