So Much to Do…

Fandom Fest * July 22-24 * Louisville, KY

12 hours and counting until Rooster and I descend on Louisville.  This time tonight, we should be rolling up in Dale & Mary’s yard, ready to terrorize Kentucky with our geekery.  It will be awesome.

Though I really am sort of bummed that Bella Morte was forced to cancel.  I was looking forward to seeing them perform (since they’ve NEVER come to our area that I know of).  I guess I need to stalk their Facebook and convince them to come to Charlotte.  Besides, I think it would trip them out to know how much of their music Lexxx and I use for writing.  Wait, maybe they shouldn’t come here.


Moving on.

Rooster will be home at noon. That gives me 3 hours and 35 minutes to accomplish a whole list of things.  Of course, while I should be doing that, I’m sitting here telling all of you what I should be doing. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Clean the kitchen (as in a few dishes, and wiping down counters, and sweeping the floor)
Fold & put away laundry
Vacuum the living room and hallway
(I should clean the bathroom, but I’ll save that for later)
Have a shower and pack my toiletries
Overhaul the iPod
Make cookies
Hit the office and pick up cupcakes (thank you, Nicky!!!)
Go get cat litter (since the teenager so graciously FORGOT to tell us we were out. Again. Remind me to poke her for that.)
Pack the car
Staple directions to Rooster’s forehead
– Go over my piece for tomorrow night’s reading again

The cooler is already done, my bags are packed, and I think all the clothes washed.  Even if I don’t get the laundry put away, I can at least get it folded and leave it on the table for Monday evening.  The cats will be barricaded out of the living room this weekend, and they won’t like me very much for it.  They have two choices:  get over it or… well, get over it.

The little one will begin plotting my demise as soon as I’m out the door, but after I turn the bathroom sink on for her Monday night, all will be forgiven.

All of that having been said, I’m off to work on the list.  Let’s see how far I get, shall we?


UPDATE:  It is now 12:30.  Rooster is finishing his shower.   The car is packed.  See y’all in Louisville.

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