Tuesday Tales: Giving Thanks

I’m back! Finally! Again… *sigh* I know, I should have kept going awhile ago, but let’s face it… I suck at keeping momentum up right now. For the first time in forever I feel like a writer again because I’m moving forward. But that’s neither here nor there. It’s Tuesday, and I have a story for you!

The Empty Table – Sweet Romance

The table was set, laid out with a beautiful spread interspersed with decorations that exploded with color. Tall, pillar candles flickered in even intervals down the length of the display, bringing warmth and comfort. The plates sat empty, waiting to be claimed and filled, and the bottle of wine leaned to one side in its bucket. Silverware stood in straight, marching lines along the sides of each setting, and the glasses were measured within a millimeter of perfection. The scene looked like a picture from a home and garden magazine.

Calliope stood back and admired her handiwork with a small smile. This would be her first Thanksgiving spread. A lot rode on this dinner – it would be her first time meeting her new husband’s parents – a pair of old-world folk from the German countryside. It would be her first time hosting a meal in their brand new home – the hundred-year-old ranch Dierk felt so compelled to buy.

They made it work somehow. For eight months now they were happy and healthy and Dierk’s parents and brother would soon be on their front doorstep.

Why was she so nervous now?

“You are thinking too hard.” The rich, heady accent washed over her and Dierk’s strong arms wound around her shoulders. He settled his chin atop her head and she felt the muscles in his jaw contract as he smiled.

Calliope took hold of his arms as they crossed over her throat. “A little. I’m just nervous.”

“Don’t be. They will love you.”

“I hope so. You don’t think this is too much, do you?”

“Never,” he said and moved to kiss her cheek. Calliope leaned back into his embrace and sighed. When the doorbell rang, her heart fluttered in anticipation. Her life was perfect, so why should today be any different?


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