Backlist Bash Updates

Morning, world!

It’s been busy around here the last few weeks…well, with the exception of last week. On the personal side of the digital fence, things have been complete chaos. Between the real life job and yet another round of family tragedy (one of my aunts passed away unexpectedly at the end of September), I haven’t had time to stop!

It looks like things are moving along swimmingly here, though. Again, except last week. I had a series of posts scheduled to go up last week that for some reason didn’t, so to be fair to those authors I’m extending the Backlist Bash through November 2!  All next week you get post after post of author goodness! That’s right, kiddos… Monday through Friday of next week will feature books galore!

Just for reference and my own organizational motivation, let me present the remaining participants:

10/26: Anna James
10/29: Elizabeth Black
10/30: Zillah Anderson
10/31: ME! (Shameless? YOU BET.)
11/01: Alexandra Christian
11/02: Kassanna

So, there you have it – the final days of our booktastic blowout! Please stop by and give these ladies some love!

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