Back to the Grind

We’re now one week into the Adventures in Motherhood, and Siobhan is one hot mess.

Yesterday was the first day I’ve done anything remotely resembling work, and while it felt good, it has officially left my brain a jumbled mess of squishy.  There are five weeks left to my leave from work, and starting tomorrow, I’m going to be on my own with the munchkin.  Miss Alice is the most wonderful thing to happen to me, but I’m scared to death of her.  I don’t know the first thing about taking care of a baby, and I’ve probably relied a little too much on my mother.

So back to yesterday.

I managed to get two blog posts done and got my bio off to the RIP people…which I thought I’d already done.  No actual word counts yet, but that’ll come later.  Once we get into a routine around the house, we’ll be doing better.

Over the next five weeks I have every intention of finishing at least one novel.  See, this is why I didn’t set resolutions for the new year.  Who knows what the next month will hold?  Definitely more routine establishment.  Definitely sleepless nights and fussy babies.  Definitely no clue how things will work out.

But we’re going to get there.  We will, and one of these days I might even be back to normal.

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