Guest Blog: R.M. Kinore

It’s that time again, friends!  The lovely R.M. Kinore is back with a special treat for all of us.  She’s changing things up a bit for us today.


I usually try to write something about writing or along those lines when I do a blog for a friend but tonight I figured I would write some poetry:

Happily Enough for Now

We drove up to the sky to see the falling snow…
It looked so clean and pure, so fresh so clean.
The world is not the same as the snow…it is truly dark and mean.
I try to believe in the happily ever after from my childhood…
I want all the endings to be good.
I am realizing with age and mistakes I have made that in all the truth I have gleaned…
Reality is that Prince Charming does not come and save the princess,
He, in fact, works for the Wicked but beautiful Queen.
So happily ever after is happy enough for now….
The Evil Queen has set her sights to gain control of the hearts of women
To corrupt them we have allowed her to do to men.


Absolutely beautiful images… thanks for coming to visit again, R.M.!  I look forward to seeing you again very soon!

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