11/11/11, Veterans, and NaNo

We’re thinking in binary, now!

Happy Veterans Day for those who celebrate it.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but it means something to me.  My Dad is an Army vet.  Two of my nephews are going into/currently in the Army.  Many of my friends are either former Army or Air Force.  There are Marines and police in my family as well.  I’m not much for war of any kind, but I appreciate these people in my life, and I love them all.

How is everyone’s NaNo so far?  As you can see by the bar to the left, mine isn’t as productive as I’d like yet.  Today has been a decent day – the first since November started, as a matter of fact – with just over 2,100 words.  There’s still a huge gap between here I am and where I should be, but there is still time.

I have opted not to use the NaNo site simply because it’s a little convoluted and some of the features are hard to find now.  The progress meter is much easier, and less of a hassle.

The key to my NaNo success, I have realized, is a small group of friends and constant writing sprints.  To be able to take an hour and devote it to getting more words on paper than everyone else naturally appeals to my competitive side, and the girls with whom I do this are so wonderful.  In a way they have become my little writing family, and it feels good to be part of something where we can just be ourselves, rant, rave, and still at the end of the day know that we’re all still friends.

That feeling of community is nice, particularly this time of year when I sign up for crazy things like NaNo, yet have no motivation to complete them.

Plus, I need them so that I can get ahead and stay ahead of my friend, Amy.  She thinks I’m going to owe her dinner at the end of the month…

That remains to be seen.

Good luck to everyone, have a safe and happy holiday, and if you get the opportunity, kiss a vet for me.

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