Happy Halloween!

And a creepy morning to you all!

As today just happens to be my favorite day of the year, I will be in and out with various and sundry goodies.  In addition to my already-running Halloween Giveaway, I’m opening the game up to everyone who wants a shot at a copy of one of my books.  Because it’s Halloween, and because all of my stories are creepy, one lucky winner can walk away with her (or his) choice of book.  There are three to choose from, so pick your favorite and hope you’re chosen!

Throughout the day, I will be in and out with various posts about my favorite creepy things:  books, music, and movies.  All you have to do to be entered to win is comment on one of today’s posts – this one included – and tell me what your favorite creepy things are.  Also, be sure to leave me an email address or facebook link so I can contact you!

The contest ends at midnight tonight, so be sure your comments are in today!

4 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Oh I was going to do something like this and then, you know me….sidetracked lol

    Hmm, i don’t do too much scary or creepy to be honest. I saw one of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies years ago and there was a really weird happening that night…since then I just say no to scary movies. However, I’m totally OK with scary books…so goo figure.

    So, for creepy…I’d have to go with a few books for me….hmm, maybe even Pieces of You (the one I’m writing)–def has that creepy factor in there 😀

  2. It was a Dark Halloween Night…. There was an area near me growing up called Bull Valley. This whole small town was said to be haunted, and for a while (I have no current info) It was said that someone always died in Bull Valley on Halloween Night. So being stupid teenagers we decided to go for a drive through Bull Valley. The legend had it that there was a road with big wooden gates that kept people out (hmm maybe in?) Called Devils gate. As we Drove down Bull Valley Road the Driver (better known now as JERK) Decided to scare the crap out of us and turned off the headlights as we approached Devils Gate.

    As we went to turn around in front of the closed gates they opened as if my magic. (yeah I know probably remote control) and the driver hit the brakes “What the hell are you doing” we screeched as JERK stopped the car. We were staring down the now open private road. As we sat transfixed 4 hooded and cloaked figures appeared with old fashioned lanterns and 4 very large “beasts” (probably Dobermans or pits). They started to walk (float) towards us. I could have sworn the temperature dropped by 15 degrees. JERK Flipped the headlights on and squealed out of Bull Valley Live the “devil” Himself was after us.

    The rumor was that a group of Satan worshipers owned the land, whether or not they did I have no clue. But I have never driven through there at night since.

    1. That is DEFINITELY creepy… and I don’t blame you for not going back. Sadly, I have a friend who would love to go down there and investigate. We just aren’t going to tell him about this one. 🙂

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