SSS #4 – Untitled

Back from the grave!  After a long stint away from the SSS game, I’m finally back with yet another work in progress, this one dealing with shape-shifters, pack politics, and romance.  And maybe some smut. 🙂


The Six:

Markus bent to scoop up the corpse of her coffee mug when one of the holes ripped straight down the inseam, allowing her a clear view of the impressive secrets underneath the fabric.  Sure, she had seen him naked more than once… but something about this new angle and the domesticity around it made her shiver.  Naturally, Markus caught her staring when he looked back over his shoulder at her.  Again, he grinned.

“Like what you see?”

Sadie rolled her eyes. 


Where to go for more:

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And read the full first chapter here!

11 thoughts on “SSS #4 – Untitled

  1. First let me say I love the inset in your title “It’s pronounced “Shi-von”” Lol. Exactly!
    And I enjoyed your six. It’s always more fun to see the “secrets” when they’re still dressed. 😉

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