Coffee Time, Romance Studio, and Thursday Update

Hey, Kids!

It’s Thursday.  That means coffee tonight, and perfect timing, too.  The Rebel Ink Crowd is over at Coffee Time Romance today, burning up the blogs.  We’re all a bit excitable, but there’s plenty going on for those that want some good previews, fun information, and maybe even a couple of giveaways.

Tonight from 6-9pm, We’ll be playing at The Romance Studio.  It’s a Rebel Party!  It’s going to be a fun time and you’re guaranteed some fantastic entertainment.  Come on by and join the fun!

And last but not least (on a personal note), I turned in the first round of edits on Blood Doll today.  Contract went through yesterday, and the darling Rory Olsen sent my edits out first thing this morning.  She’s such a fabulous editor, and I adore her.

She puts up with me and all of my sarcastic annoyances, so I have to thank her for being so patient and understanding.  I managed to get this one fast-tracked, so we’re looking at a 10/27 release.  I’m so excited I can barely stand it!

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