Teasers of the Snippet Kind

So I’ve just started this new project (yeah, yeah…STOP IT, SIOBHAN… I know), and I’m feeling the need to be evil.  It is as-of-yet untitled, unedited, unpolished, and a whole bunch of other uns that I haven’t even found yet.

I’m evil, I know.  Enjoy!

*NOTE* I should warn you that this post contains extremely graphic adult content and language.  If you are sensitive to such things, please stop reading now.


Long, thick fingers split her wide, pressing and probing into sensitive flesh.  She whimpered, clawing at the sheets as her head thrashed from side to side.  The pleasure bordered on pain, pushed her higher, and sent her reeling into a tumble of sensations that coalesced into the single most powerful orgasm of her life.  Her whole body seemed to collapse in on itself, tightening and coiling until she thought she would implode, then broke loose in a series of pleasurable waves that left her shivering and gasping for breath, ruined in the middle of the bed.  Cold hands touched her knees, telling her to open for him.  Still weak and unable to move for herself, she allowed him to position her, and without preamble she felt him thrust forward, filling her to the point of breaking.  Her back arched, and her mouth opened in a silent, breathless scream…

Trinity sat up with a start, gasping and nearly choking on a scream.  Sweat poured from her still-shivering body as she looked around the room.  It was that fucking dream again.  That same, half-finished fantasy with an unknown assailant that always left her reeling.  She had been asleep, but she had felt every single sensation… even now as the reality of it faded, she could still feel that faceless man over her, feel his cock moving inside her.

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