Friday Top Five: Love Songs

What a beautiful mistake, to fall in love.

Hey, Siobhan… why love songs today?

Why, you ask?  Because I write romance.  I want sweet nothings whispered in the dark and happy endings and all the things that make hopeless romantics smile.  I want that slice of time where I can feel like I am adored.

And in music, I can find that.




1. At Last – Etta James
2. Love Me Dead – Ludo (silly…but it has sort of become Rooster’s and my song.)
3. Beautiful Mistake – Guy Forsyth
4. Lovesong – The Cure
5. I Am Stretched On Your Grave – Abney Park (the DCD version is fantastic, too…but I like the steampunk feel of this one.)


Your turn, peanut gallery.  What songs make you go all gooey inside?

One thought on “Friday Top Five: Love Songs

  1. My personal favorite song that just gets me in the mood (and has absolutely nothing to do with love) is :wumpscut: “Wreath of Barbs”. As far as love songs though, “What Part of Forever” by CeeLo Green and “Ava Adore” by The Smashing Pumpkins are two favorites.

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