FandomFest: The Schedule

Nervous energy… check.
Complete confusion over what to say… check.
Lack of decent clothing… check.
The beginnings of looking like I’m pregnant… check.

So what does all of that add up to?  THE FACT THAT I AM A COMPLETE BASKETCASE.  Being my first con as a published author, I feel like I’m in a bit over my head.  First of all, this thing is going to be freaking huge, and that puts my teeth on edge.  Second, I’m fairly certain that when I get into these rooms, I’m going to clam up and be completely unable to focus, much less speak.  Third… well, I don’t really know what the hell I’m doing anyway.

Rather than bore you with all of my ridiculous insecurities, I’m going to post my schedule, and hope that everyone finds it as…entertaining… as I do. Granted, I am not on all of these panels, but I plan to be in the room.  Just look for the huge, red hair.

(I warn you now, the descriptions have been snatched directly from the FF website.  I’m not taking credit, because I’m just not this witty.)



3:00 PM — Literary Track Meet and Greet:  This will be the first panel at Fandom Fest.  Come and meet the Literary Track Staff, get acquainted with some of the panelists and participants in the track, and get yourself ready for a great adventure in writing and publishing over the wekeend!

6:00 PM — Meet the Publishers Session II – Not on this one, but I’m curious to get some information from one of the publishers represented here.

8:00 PM — Keeping Genre Writing Fresh:  Vampires, Werewolves, and Zombies – It’s Lexxx’s first panel of the con, so I’m going to be there to make faces at her and put her at ease. 

10:00 PM — Trends in Erotic Fiction:  What’s heating up the genre at the moment?  What lies ahead?  We can’t go into too many details here, as the conversation in this panel is probably going to be a little risque.  Our panelists will talk about the topics heating up erotic fiction at the moment, elements of which might be very usable in any genre!  Like a couple of other topics, this one will be part of our later evening programming, for our adult audience.

11:oo PM — Edibles and Accessories in the Erotic Scene:  Sometimes bringing in some outside elements can make an erotic scene sizzle, in any genre.  This panel will explore various accessories, along with some “show and tell”, and a discussion of the usage of edible items, to help you find the ingredients to make your scene scintillating.  This special, extended panel will be part of the later evening programming, for our adult audience!

12:00 AM – Reading  (Oh, Dear God… they don’t know what they’ve done, putting Lexxx and me in here together.  The world is going to end.)


9:00 AM — Point of View:  This panel will explore effective ways for writers to use point of view.  Some writers change points of view between large sections, while others have been known to change it in consecutive paragraphs.  What works?  What can be confusing?  Visit this panel and find out!

10:00 PM — Erotic WritingI’m not on this panel, but I will certainly be in the room since Lexxx is.  She and Bethany Halle are guaranteed to be a good time!

12:00 AM — Ghost Stories with Tally Johnson – Mah Pudden’ is tellin’ stories.  I’ll definitely be on-hand to set the boy straight when he runs off-course.


10:00 AM — Writing Fan Fiction:  Lots of writers create stories set within the worlds of major franchises that they are fans of, like Harry Potter, Star Wars, or Middle Earth.  This panel explores the realm of fan fiction, why writers spend the time to create it (when it can’t be sold).  (They’ve put Lexxx and me on a panel together… this should be interesting.)


So… that’s the schedule, such as it is for now.  It is always subject to change, and if anything else comes up, I’ll be sure to pop over and update.  See you guys Friday!

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