Tuesday: The New Monday

At least, this week it is.  After a long weekend with Monday as the extra day, we’re all scrambling to get caught up this morning.  Everyone is forgetting what day it is, there is a whole herd of people standing outside the door, waiting to pay their bills, and I am at a complete standstill because I did all of my Monday work on Friday before I left.

On Friday, I decided to experiment and try my hand at self-publishing.  Of course, I started at Amazon… only to get an email at five minutes to five saying that I had to prove with legal documentation that the work was mine.  Dude… seriously?

Are there really people dumb enough to try to sell other people’s work?  Really?  No freaking way.

So I replied to the email, as it requested and explained that I have a real name and a pen name, and that I’m still me no matter what way you stretch me, then I explained that I don’t have copyright certification YET, but I did apply for the stupid copyright (cost me $35 and didn’t get rid of the damn headache!) AND that the ECO states that the copyright is essentially effective the moment you get the email stating that they received the application and payment.  So I forwarded that email showing the submission as well.

It’s now Tuesday, and I won’t know anything for another 24 hours because they casually dumped that on me and CLOSED for three days.  Waiting five hours to spring that on someone isn’t exactly what I’d call professional.  If they’re going to require all of that, then it needs to be in the initial application process, not sent as some “oh, by the way” email five hours later.


Bah.  If I don’t hear back from them by tomorrow morning, I’m yanking the story and taking it to the Nook store, because KDP is a little on the full o’ shit side right now.

In other news…

Sunday was Rooster’s birthday, and we didn’t really get a good celebration this year because a funeral was scheduled right in the middle of the weekend.  His uncle passed away Thursday morning, so we spent the better part of the weekend between the funeral home and the church.  But, we had hamburgers and hot dogs yesterday with Lexxx and Tally, and he got lunch at California Dreaming on Saturday, so it’s all good.

And because I’m rambling today, I’m going to end by saying that… again…

FANDOMFEST… Starts July 22nd in Louisville, Ky.  Come see me!

4 thoughts on “Tuesday: The New Monday

    1. Yes…and my poor, deluded mother enjoyed listening to your loud mouth. 🙂

      That was fun…but I do think it would have been MUCH better had it not been a million degrees outside.

  1. It was just kind of a weird weekend all around. Not really sure what was up, but something just seemed off. But its ok, it will be better. As for Amazon, I’m not surprised at the hoops you had to jump through. Maybe their attempt to weed out people that aren’t really committed.

    1. I think “weird” is a good way of putting it. The one good thing… it’s already Tuesday, which means coffee is even closer this week!

      And Amazon… meh. I’m just generally annoyed today. Maybe it isn’t so bad… or maybe they do enjoy being extremely annoying just to see what happens.

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