Web Savvy? I Think NOT.

Because it’s stuck in my head and I want everyone else to suffer!

I’ve spent some time over the last few days looking at other writers’ websites and blogs, and I’ve realized something:

I’m not the least bit web-savvy.

Yeah, I have a basic working knowledge of HTML and JavaScript.  I understand CSS and I can build a mean background or animated ad banner.  But when it comes to serious, in-depth customization, I’m just not that good.  One day I’ll be rich enough to afford the services of a publicist and webmaster.

Hey…I can dream, right?

I was so proud of myself earlier this week because I figured out how to use one of the WordPress Widgets to put a photo-link to my book on the sidebar of this blog.  Now I just need more books to add to the list.  But that really has nothing to do with the point of this post.

I have a friend that’s a really, really, uber-dorky guy that could probably build me any website I wanted.  I love Michael to pieces, and he knows that.  You’d think that after sixteen years, I’d have already capitalized on his nerd-brain and had him build me something awesome.  I may yet do that…I just have to get him warmed up to the idea of my shameless use of him.  Heh…it wouldn’t be the first time.

I wish I had that sort of borderline-autistic attention to detail.  As it is, I’m having to threaten myself after every word I type to finish this silly post.  I keep telling myself that nobody’s going to want to read it, that nobody cares, and I should just go to bed because it’s late and I’m tired.

Sorry, kids… you aren’t getting out of it that easily.  Besides, I’m sitting in Starbucks with Lexxx, and while she’s revising, I’m avoiding writing.


I wrote about 800 words while revising two chapters of a story I hadn’t picked up in weeks.  I made a little progress on it, and am likely in a good place to run with it now.  I know what’s going to happen… it’s just a matter of actually sitting down and committing the time to finishing it.  I’m expecting a 65-80K final word count for a first draft. I’m at 22,500 at the moment, and about a third of the way through.  Not bad.  Could be better, yes, but not bad.

Especially considering my brain is full of pre-baby freakouts and silliness like my inability to build a proper website.

Plus I just noticed something:  I’m a lot wittier when I’m tired.  Or maybe it’s because I’m so tired that I don’t realize how idiotic I really sound.  Oh, hell… I don’t even know anymore!

Also, it would probably be wise to stop chewing on the earbud cable.

I haven’t had a real dose of caffeine in a week now.  How I’m still functioning is nothing short of a miracle.  I even passed up the Venti White Mocha tonight in favor of a decaf frappuccino.  And my weekly cup of shaken tea/lemonade has no caffeine.  And adding to that the vitamins that make me feel rotten…

Wait, who the hell am I again?

My iPod is revolting.  I just went from Blaqk Audio to Johnny Cash.  WTF, iPod… WTF?

I’ve obviously lost my train of thought.  Is it as obvious to everyone out there in cyber-land as it is to me in this armchair?  Is it a good time to shut up and go home?  Probably.

Good night, world.  I’ll worry about tackling my ‘net whoring problem tomorrow.


One thought on “Web Savvy? I Think NOT.

  1. You know you just have to ask him, right? He’s dying to add more things to his resume.:)

    *Sigh* I love his nerd-brain (and his body, too, but that’s beside the point. 😉 )

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