Kittens and Warcrack

Morning, y’all.

The last thirty-six hours haven’t been the best, for a variety of reasons.  The day job is still awful in comparison to the dream of setting my own hours with a true writing career and a laptop.  A coworker who caused some problems for me last year is back at it again, and the thought of even coming into this place makes me feel sick.

The lowest point came at about 8:00 Tuesday night, when Rooster and I were outside burying one of our new kittens.  Remember my post from a few days ago about Honey Badger?


Poor thing was really sick, and just couldn’t hold on.  I should know by now not to let my silly heart get so involved with little animals, but I can’t help it.  I’m as big a sucker as Rooster, just in different ways.

The only saving grace?  Coffee with Lexxx a night early.  We didn’t even have to order last night… they know us so well at Starbucks.

So back to Tuesday night… after taking a break in the middle of the evening for an impromptu kitty-funeral, I went back inside, sat down at the computer, and proceeded to play World of Warcraft until I thought my eyes would bleed.

I don’t know if it was the disappointment over losing the sweet little ball of fluff or the simple fact that we all wanted revenge on the system after the near-fail on Sunday night, but we ripped through that dungeon pretty well.  It wasn’t our best attempt, but it was still pretty darn good.

Apparently my Snow White powers permeate every facet of my life.

Not only did I fall into the role of Guild Master when a friend decided to hop realms, but I also fell into the role of Main Guild Healer.  We have a couple of others who do really well, but I seem to be the one that ends up keeping everyone alive while they take down the bosses.

Like I said before, I have a tendency to take in poor, unfortunate creatures.

Our guild is small – there are ten warm bodies that control the majority of the fifty-something characters contained therein.  Some of the guilds on our realm have hundreds, if not thousands, of members, but we like being small and unnoticed.  We’re all friends, and we care about each other.  What we do, we do as a team.  Our newest recruit held out for the longest time – he tried to tell us to drop our guild and join one of the huge ones.

I am proud to say that my stubbornness won.

After Cataclysm was released, he discovered just how much there is to be said for a small guild.  He has been part of the guild in spirit if not name for a LONG time now… but I brought him over to the dark side (or are we the light side? I don’t know anymore!) and he’s playing again regularly.  With us.

Now if we can just get Rooster in gear and get our shaman back, we’ll be all set.

What I love about the game isn’t necessarily the story line or the hack-and-slash play style… It’s the people.  The friendship. The sense of belonging and teamwork.  The knowledge that when we accomplish something, we accomplish it together.  No, we don’t always see eye to eye.  No we don’t always get along.

Yes, we fail.  A lot.

But those are learning experiences, and without them, we wouldn’t grow.  Individually, or as a guild.

I’ve been working on our guild website in some of my downtime (when I get it), and while we aren’t actively recruiting new people, we’re always open to someone hopping in and becoming a friend.  A few more people would be helpful so we could have a full crew to run various parts of the game we’re otherwise missing, but we probably need to work on getting the ones we have ready first.

If anyone out there plays WoW as Horde, stop in on Llane and see us.  Look for <lords of anarchy>.   Most days you’ll find me lurking about as a Tauren Druid named Slapchop – the original.  Not the one with the funky symbols and such.  Mallhek, Frostmonger, Valoros, Deeohgee, Necrom, Phukyocouch, Boogerfinger, Zarnicky, and Tomokhan are all pretty good targets too, if you really feel the need to poke at someone.  If you’re looking for a guild or just want a dungeon run, stop on in.  We’ll be glad to have you.

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