Why is Friday the new Monday?

Y’all, today is not a fun one.

Last night, I found out that my iTunes account got hacked and the $20 credit I got from a friend for my birthday was snatched to buy poker chips for an iPhone Texas Hold’Em game.  I don’t own an iPhone…or an iPod capable of playing those games…or an iPad… or a Mac of any sort.  And I try not to play poker if I can help it.

I’m supposed to have an answer coming from Apple in the next 12 hours or so (I reported it at 5:30 last night), but that doesn’t make me any less grumpy about it.

Plus, Rooster and I get to make the mortgage payment today.  *sigh*  I never like days like that because it means too much money going into the undeserving pockets of a half-assed banking conglomerate.

This morning at work hasn’t made things any better.

DOT has opened up the new traffic patterns on my main route to work (a road that, coincidentally, is being paved by what appear to be drunks), and I narrowly avoided getting creamed by a little old man in a really big truck.  On the list this morning – call DOT and raise hell.

Walked in the door to find that the company doing all the paving in the county is up to no good.  So far this morning, they’ve hit a BRAND-FREAKING-NEW sewer manhole right outside the office with the milling machine AND torn up two water valve boxes.  How they did it, I don’t know.  And I just got off the phone with one of the fire department people who decided to tell me that yet again, those asshats are taking water from a fire hydrant without a meter.

That’s called theft, and it’s illegal.

I want to go park myself in the office of the person in charge of the paving company and read him the riot act just for making my life a little bit more miserable this morning.  Fridays are supposed to be good days… not days of madness and mayhem!

The good news?  Bossman isn’t here at the moment (and probably won’t be in at all today) and all my work for the week is done.  That means in between harassing phone calls, I can work on some of my edits.  I have a few chapters of a story from a friend, and I promised I’d get those done, too.  I don’t think I’m going to work on that here, though… I’m going to leave that for home this weekend where I can close myself off and not have to hear the background hum of an office.

So how is everyone else this morning?  Hopefully in a much better frame of mind than me.

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