Marked – The Teaser!

"Marked" by Siobhan Kinkade
Cover art for "Marked"

Once in a blue moon, a witch will find what she wants where she least expects it.

Events planner Tabitha Richardson had no idea what she signed on for when she picked up a job for Atlanta’s most eligible bachelor.  Russell, while gorgeous and the immediate star of her fantasies, also has a darker side.  He is a werewolf, and the full moon is fast approaching.  But he isn’t the only one with secrets to keep. Tabitha is harboring a big one right alongside her crush on Russell, and that secret is witchcraft.

When she decides to throw caution to the wind and indulge in her desires, she finds that she has bitten off much more than she can chew.  The only question is, will she make it out alive?


It’s almost final!  I have cover art.  My edits are done.  It’s all in the hands of Sugar & Spice now. When will it be available?

Not a clue.

I don’t have a release date yet, but I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed that I’ll receive that email any day now.  I’m trying hard not to be impatient, but I have people about to chew my ears off wanting to know when they can buy it and read it.  I keep trying to tell them that it isn’t very good…but they just won’t listen.

But, I will let you be the judge.  Enjoy the little snippet below…  it doesn’t give too much away, and will hopefully entice you into buying a copy for yourself.


With a wave of her hand, the steamer lids vanished to reveal a beautiful array of meats—mostly medium-rare—and accompaniments that seemed more an afterthought than part of the meal.  Another huge, yellow flag had been waved right in front of her…near-bleeding meat, all over the place.  She should have seen it coming long before she ever got to this point.  As she straightened the last stack of plates, still berating herself for her utter lack of foresight, Russell seemed to materialize at her elbow.

“Well done, witch.”   His lips brushed the cuff of her ear, sending a jolt of sensation straight to her sex.  Gasping at the outward use of the term, Tabitha turned to face him and nearly suffocated.  He was almost on top of her.  Every muscle in his body was rippling with tension, and those icy, intelligent eyes also looked much, much wilder than before.  “You have a startling eye for detail.”

“As do you…,” she nearly choked on the last word, “wolf.”  She swallowed hard and held his gaze.  Calling a shifter out was a large risk, both personally and professionally.  In her limited experience, they liked their secrecy, and this could easily go either way…for more than just her paycheck.

“Touché.” His lips curved into a gentle smile, but even that sight did little to settle her raging nerves. He was too close to be anything but dangerous.  “I was right to hire you…you are quite the observant little minx.”

“Does that mean your henchmen will be coming to eat me now?” she asked with a quirk to her own lip. Playing coy was also probably dangerous, but when the sort of fear that choked her brain was present, she’d developed the natural reaction to laugh in its face.  Perhaps that’s why she’d been so lucky as to catch the attention of a male werewolf. An alpha at that.  He raised one eyebrow at her, but remained silent.  “Wrong word?”  A nod.  “Minions, maybe?”  He shook his head, the smirk on his lips turning into a full-blown smile.  “Either way, should I be worried about your pack ripping me limb from limb?”  The question earned a deep, hearty laugh.

“My pack has scarcely noticed you.”

“Yet you know everything there is to know about me.”

“Not everything.”  The way he looked at her, determined and hungry, caused a chill to run through her body.  The anticipation she saw in his eyes settled at the base of her neck, trickling through her muscles in a way that was both wholly inappropriate and deliciously wicked.

“But you…you smelled magic on me.”

“My kind have excellent senses.”  He leaned close, his lips nearly brushing her ear.  “I smell other things on you as well.  Fear first.”  He sniffed again, the tip of his nose brushing along the corded vein in her neck.  “Determination.  Arousal.”  His tongue followed his nose, leaving a cool, wet trail up her throat.  Tabitha’s smart response disappeared along with her breath and all coherent thought. She knew his intentions, felt his desires. And after that, she knew she wanted exactly the same thing.

“The…the buffet is ready,” she stammered.  “Are you…hungry?”

“Not for food.”

“Oh.”  Wise response, she knew.  “Me either.”  Even better.  But the innuendo was no longer subtle and she no longer cared.  She just wanted him, any way she could have him.  “So what do you want to eat?”

That’s good, Tab—taunt the werewolf.

The darkness that passed across his features was the closest she’d seen him to ruffled.  Tabitha didn’t have to ask to know what he was thinking; it was written clearly across his face.  And even though he did not speak, she knew the answer. “Won’t your guests notice that you’re gone?”

“Are you suggesting that I would not be allowed to go wherever I want in my own home?”  Tabitha glanced around—something to keep from staring at him—when she realized that every single occupant of the ballroom was making a large production of not looking back at her.  She could feel each and every one of them ignoring this scene with great intent.

“Excuse me a moment,” she whispered to Russell, and turned to face the crowd.  She cleared her throat.  “Ladies and gentlemen,” she said, forcing magic into her voice to steady it.  A few people sniffed subtly at the air, but most recognized nothing at all.  “Your dinner awaits.”  With a grand gesture toward the overflowing steamer trays, Tabitha motioned the guests to begin, and maneuvered herself away from Russell.  As people murmured their approval at the sight and began to pass between herself and her host-turned-predator, she ducked into the hallway for a breather.

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