It’s Saturday, Y’all!

Bright and early Saturday mornings are always nice.  Of course, it’s nearly one o’clock now… but the morning has been nice.  Little bits of housework interspersed with a full 4 hours of Warcraft seems to have eaten away half of my weekend already.

I currently have a furry monster (my little calico ragdoll) on my head, a cup of strawberry lemonade, and my husband asking me what I’m doing.  I should be writing something a little more interesting than a mundane blog post, but I sort of jinxed myself.  I said that once I got a contract for something I would likely never be able to write anything ever again.

Since Thursday, my word count has been a whopping ZERO.

But I’m going to push past this.  My notebook and pen are sitting next to me, and I’m getting ready to barricade myself in the back of the house.  I’ve had my fun; now it’s time to work.

Wish me luck, everybody. 🙂

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